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Frequently Asked Questions

Forgot your password or just want a new random one?
We knew this would happen! In fact we made just the tool for you. Just click here to visit our amazing lost password feature.

What is a text based browser rpg game?
A game played entirely in your browser using little graphics and full text that creates a compelling interactive environment. Also known as a Persistent browser-based game which you can read more about here.

What browsers are supported?
Just a few of the biggest names out there: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and even Microsoft Edge. (Desktop, Tablet, mobile...doesn't matter so long as its relatively modern.)

How do I play?
That is actually a tough question to answer in this little FAQ. Instead I would recommend registering and reading over the guides once you login. Those will teach you everything you need to know. In fact there is even a special New Player Guide created just for you.

Never received your registration email?
Your so silly - there is no registration email. Just login and enjoy after registration.

Where all those fancy in-game images come from?
All 2D images for players are from Charas Online Resource Generators.

I want to talk to the developer?
Must be serious then...honestly the best way is in game through the bug report. But if you don't want to register then visit here.

Lost Password

If you have lost your password and have a valid email address on file, please provide the email address on your account to have your password reset.

Need more?

Wow! You must have a something a bit juicy or our Having some issues!?! page isn't as helpful as we thought. No worries though we can still help. Reach out to us at .